What is Keto Crotch? Unveil The Truth 2021

January 17, 2021 0 Comments

Recently on different women forms women are asking about what is keto crotch. So, first it was thought to be a myth because many people are concerned with this many things are gone viral. So, you are entitled to know the truth behind the keto crotch.

What is Keto Crotch?

Keto Crotch refers to the temporary change in the smell of vagina when some women is on keto diet.  But many women claim that it is not bad or good. However, they feel like the smell can alter when they are on keto diet.

So, there are many people that starts to blame the keto diet for having all the side effects and you may also find other articles that is calling this as sticky side of keto or downsides of ketosis and so on.  Because keto can contribute to bad breath keto crotch is also been expected with diet.

This might feel that vagina will be too smelly. However, according to the survey many people claims that such things are just a myth and they do not feel such things.  So, you can also research and you may also find out that this is another keto myth to keep the people off from keto diet.

What is Keto Crotch

Benefits of keto Diet

Many researches have indicated many benefits of having keto diet. Till now researches says that keto diet can help patients suffering from metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue and so on. However, you can still catch diseases and illness while you are on keto. It include glaucoma, cancer, cold and other such diseases.

If we only consider the smelly vagina then you need to know that according to the survey more than 4000 women were tested and above 84% of them have bacterial vaginosis [1].

So, it might be possible that you have thing and the smell was not because of ketosis.  If you are feeling smelly vagina then it might be possible that it is not triggered by keto diet. Moreover, you need to know if you are having great vaginal discharge and vaginal order then you need to seek medical attention.

Have a proper diagnosis and do not blame the diet for having such thing.

Most articles on the internet gives its reader the message that

  • Keto will not give you weight loss
  • You will be facing keto crotch
  • You might rethink about having low carb keto diet
  • You will also get the reason to not following the diet
  • Carbs do not give sweet smell to your vagina
  • You should avoid having keto diet

Contrary to the claim that keto can leave your vagina smelly but in real opposite can happen if you are on keto diet.

The main reason why there are many articles on this topic is that according to the survey man is concerned about his genital size and women are concerned about the order of their vagina.

So, if you tell women that there will be smell between her legs then it might scare her off easily. You need to know that keto diet is helping many people in achieving a balance diet and to fight against their weight.


Now, you may know that what is keto crotch and how people are spreading this myth to keep women off the diet. There are many articles that are gaining attention of many women. However, in reality there is little evidence that keto can make your vagina to smell bad like a fish.

The claims are not strong and there are studies that indicate the benefits of having keto diet. If you are still not sure then you can ask your doctor about it.